Social Care

A trained Watch and Wonder Facilitator runs 8 Watch and Wonder experiential sessions, with adoptive parents and or foster carers. After each experiential session there will also be a facilitated reflective discussion where group members will be invited to share observations, reflect on the session, and discuss personal experiences of caring for and parenting children who have experienced early childhood trauma. The facilitator will also reflect on theories to embed the experiential learning process.

The Watch and Wonder training and therapeutic intervention package, also provide 3 training sessions for the adoptive parents and foster carers on 3 key aspects of parenting and caring for children with early trauma:

  • Trauma and the effects on the brain
  • Attachment and how babies and children develop relationships and attachment styles
  • Understanding behaviour/ trauma informed parenting

The training and therapeutic intervention package is delivered over a six-month time period to enable participants to consolidate both the theoretical and experiential learning aspects.

Watch and Wonder brings an experiential learning opportunity that enables us to bring theory and practice together.

By watching a parent and a baby we can learn the minutiae of growth within relationship and attachment which helps both parents and  professionals understand the building of healthy relationships.

Working with foster carers and adopters, we help them understand some of the complexities of the children that they are caring for and parenting.

The Watch and Wonder holistic package supports foster carers and adoptive parents to be able to be the best possible role models for the  children they are parenting and caring for.

Helen Craster