Watch and Wonder is a simple, experiential approach that can be used in a wide variety of settings.

  • Growing capacity for self-reflection, self-awareness, and self-understanding
  • Improved language and communication skills
  • Improved social relationships and life-long social skills
  • Children Better relationships with peers and adults
  • Adults – Trauma informed perspective in practice, attachment aware theory into experience.

A trained Watch and Wonder Facilitator helps children, adults or parents watch and be curious about the relationship between a parent and their baby.  This can be with a ‘live’ parent and baby or by using videos that Watch and Wonder provide.

‘Watch & Wonder’ simply and clearly presents to a child the core aspects of human relationships, the fundamental qualities in which a human being learns how to relate to other human beings.  It’s fundamental to what it means to be a human being in a good relationship.

It’s actually what I do in therapy with children who have been traumatised in relationships and what I help them to learn, that children can take advantage of good relationships with good people.  ‘Watch and Wonder’ provides this learning and more, for a whole class.  It’s a real intuitive, experiential understanding of relationships, that builds from the inside out through gentle reflecting, noticing, commenting and through questions.

Teachers and parents can help improve children’s social and emotional skills by promoting strong relationships with children and mobilising practical learning experiences.

Skills for Social Progress:  The Power of Social and Emotional Skills

Working with Foster carers and Adopters, we help them understand some of the complexities of the children that they are caring for and parenting.

The Watch and Wonder holistic package informs foster carers and adopters to be able to be the best possible carers for their children they are caring for and parenting.