Our core team consists of highly experienced therapists in the fields of education and social care, ably supported by a network of experienced ‘Watch and Wonder’ facilitators who also Mentor new ‘Watch and Wonder’ trainees.

Michele Crooks

Watch and Wonder Lead on Education, Trainer, Facilitator, and Senior Mentor

“During 9 years of engagement with the inspirational principles of B.A.S.E.® Babywatching, designed and founded by Dr Karl Heinz Brisch, I had the unique opportunity to see several core theories come to life. Watch and Wonder is the practical application of Trauma Informed theory in practice, attachment theory in practice, social learning theory in practice.  I am passionately committed to the beauty of its simplicity and its clear impact on children. I have yet to experience a more effective whole class intervention that so utterly captivates children and teaches them about relationships and positive attachment. These life skills cannot be left to chance, we have a responsibility within education to ensure all children have the same life opportunities, Watch and Wonder is a simple vehicle in providing that social and emotional learning.”

Michele is a child and adult psychotherapist working in schools and is Trained as an Official Trainer by Dr Karl Heinz Brisch, 2016.

Helen Craster

Watch and Wonder Lead on Social Care, Trainer, Facilitator, and Senior Mentor

Helen qualified as an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist in 2002 to work with Children, Young People and Adults and is registered with UKCP. Helen is also a qualified and experienced clinical supervisor.

Helen has thirty-five years of experience working with children and young people, parents, carers, families in health, education, and social care.

She has been a Clinical lead for Psychotherapy within Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services CAMHS and has played a lead role in pioneering multi-disciplinary services for Looked After Children within Social Care.

Helen is also an experienced trainer and has delivered training workshops on Attachment Theory and Practise, Effects of Trauma and Brain Development, Babywatching Group Leader and Mentoring, Understanding Children and Young People who are looked after.

Priscilla Bacon

Senior Mentor at Watch and Wonder

Priscilla is a child psychotherapist and parenting coach.  Helping children understand and safely express their feelings  is really important to her and developing empathy in school communities is one of her passions